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Introducing the Black Box cheese utensils set of 6, a must-have addition to any cheese lover's kitchen. Each utensil is handmade and unique, making them one of a kind for your collection. Crafted by artists, these cheese utensils are not only functional but also add an artistic touch to your cheese platters. The set includes a variety of utensils, perfect for cutting, spreading, and serving a wide array of cheeses. Elevate your cheese game with this stunning and artisan-made Black Box cheese utensils set of 6.


CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash and polish with food safe oil

Use oil to maintain the wood every 4-5 weeks.


NOTE: These pictures associated with the items are for representative purposes only. A similar item will be hand-crafted based on your selected preferences. If there is a color palate you would like used but do not see as an option, please contact us!

Black Box cheese utensils set of 6

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