Meet Nicole

A self-taught artist fueled by passion, an eye for beauty and a desire to travel the world, Nicole Ann Hughes has spent countless hours behind the lens of a camera or in her art studio developing her skills into something unmistakably unique and beautiful.

An upper management corporate executive for most of her adult life, at the age of 40, Nicole was driven to  take the creative talent she possessed but was untapped in a new direction.  She began to document her everyday life and travels through the eye of a camera.  That hobby quickly developed into a desire to explore many different art mediums and today her creative pursuits include working in front of an easel with her pencil, chalks, oils, acrylics and clay sculptures.

Nicole's passion for art has become more then she ever expected.  The art she pursued for her own joy, became something she could share with the world to enjoy as well.

Her work has been featured publicly in many east coast galleries and she has won a number of awards for best photography.   An overwhelming request from the public has prompted her to expand her exposure to more galleries and develop a website where her limited edition originals can be purchased by the public.  

Born and raised is Southern New York, Nicole currently resides with her family in horse country about 90 miles north of NYC.

A Note from Nicole:


The art I create is an extension of who I am.   My pieces will in most cases go through a number of phases over the time of creating until it is something that feels perfect in color, shading, texture and overall feel.  My greatest enjoyment comes from listening to what people see in my pieces.  Each one slightly different from the other.  I find it at time difficult for me to name my work as the intention of the piece may not be clear in the beginning.  Nor do I want to guide the viewer of what they see.  The viewer is in control of what they see and the interpretation of the art. That's whats so incredible in art, the ability to interpretation through ones own eye, different and unique, not right or wrong.



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