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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of Functional Art do you consistently carry?
    Functional, or Practical Art, includes our hand-poured cheeseboards, service trays, dresser trays, utensils, coasters & more.
  • What do the items marked as "One-Offs" mean?
    Items Marked as One-Offs will be shipping exactly as pictured and marked Sold Out upon purchase.
  • Will my item purchased from the store look exactly like the photo?
    Standard Order Items require you to select your preferred colors to be used on the specific medium. The pictures associated with the items are for representative purposes only. A similar item will be hand-crafted based on your selected preferences. If there is a color palate you would like used but do not see as an option, please Contact Us.
  • Do you do Commission Pieces?
    Yes! We offer commission functional art pieces and wall art pieces, both resin or acrylic. These pieces take 2-3 weeks to complete. You select your medium, resin colors & crystals. Pricing is based on pours and sizes of medium.
  • Can you do custom resin pours on other items or provided mediums?
    Absolutely. Pours on provided materials are available upon request.
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